About Glass Edge

A company you can count on

In our Lincoln office hangs a copy of Norman Rockwell’s 1951 painting The Kansas City Spirit. It depicts a man, blueprints and framing square in hand, turning up his sleeve. His eyes are full of determination; his work ethic is unquestioned.

This painting embodies everything we strive to be. Our pledge is to work smarter and harder than the other guy. Because of this philosophy, our clients are very satisfied with our quality of work, timelines, and cost.

But a strong work ethic isn’t the only reason we’ve grown from a small family-owned and -operated glass shop to one of the largest glazing contractors in the region. We put a priority on partnering with manufacturers who share our principles. On every project, we use only the highest-quality products from the following vendors:

Aluminum Entrances, Curtain Wall, and Storefronts

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
Manko Window Systems

Glass Fabrication

ITI Glass
Insulite Glass Company
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope


Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
Major Industries

Shower Enclosures

Coral Industries
CR Laurence

Featured Work

A small collection of our featured work